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Nostalgia in a Cookie

One of my best memories was my Great Grandmother Flora’s sugar cookies. I imagine it’s not just the cookie, but more about our yearning for a happy memory, the need to keep happiness close, that makes the memory of Flora’s sugar cookie so powerful.

In my head I can still feel the love and care and “grandma-ness” of it.  

Recreating that cookie became an obsession. Chris Says: “You would never imagine how many different variations there are on a sugar cookie recipe until you try to recreate one specific one.” The key was using the most basic recipe with no added anything and using only organic ingredients. Which of course, makes perfect sense because it’s exactly what Flora used!

Flora’s Bake Shop is dedicated to using only organic ingredients to create the very best tasting baked goods available anywhere!

Chris Bedrosian,

Owner, Flora’s Bake Shop